As with all surgeries, Custom LASIK surgery does have risks and may result in various complications. The eye is one of the most delicate organs of the body and there is little room for error during surgery. Advances in laser technology have brought the instances of complications down over the last few years, but they will never be completely eliminated. The skill of the surgeon and the laser used for LASIK will make a difference in attaining desirable outcomes.

When a problem occurs, either in our office or at another surgeon’s office, Dr. Huynh will try to correct it if possible. With the use of custom LASIK with Wavefront technology, Dr. Huynh can take a detailed map of your eye in its current condition and make a treatment plan to correct the errors.


The vast majority of complaints about LASIK come from people who undergo the procedure with unreasonable expectations. When those expectations are not met, they become dissatisfied and complain about the procedure. Unrealistic expectations aside, there are some real complications that may occur.
Some of the complications that occur as a result of LASIK surgery include:

  • Dry eyes – In most cases, this is temporary and is relieved with the use of artificial tears.
  • Scarring of cornea – Either through improper incisions made by the laser or poor healing of the corneal flap.
  • Improper vision correction – Based on the amount of corneal material available, achieving a visual acuity of 20/20 may not always be possible. This will be explained up front during your consultation.
  • Infection – As with any surgery, infection of the treated area is always a possibility.

Dr. Huynh and his staff of trained specialists will ensure you have a full understanding of the potential risks and complications so you can decide if you want to continue with the procedure.


In some cases, if there is enough corneal material to work with, Dr. Huynh may be able to redo the procedure and correct the scarring or adjust the cornea for more desirable acuity.
Custom LASIK using Wavefront technology makes the initial LASIK process much more efficient and may be used to correct minor issues from previous LASIK procedures.

To find out more about correcting LASIK problems, whether you were initially treated at Advanced Eye & Laser Center of California, Inc. or some other laser vision center, please contact Dr. Huynh today for a consultation. He will do his best to ensure that you receive an improved outcome.