Iris Registration
LenSx Femtosecond Cataract Laser

If there were Cadillac of lasers, the VISX STAR S4 is it. Unparalleled in sophisticated engineering and design, the VISX S4 has helped countless patients improve their vision with the advanced CustomVue LASIK procedure. With the VISX S4, LASIK is more customizable than ever before. The heightened precision and accuracy of this laser offer incredible vision results and give LASIK patients the peace of mind that comes with using the world’s most advanced vision correction tool.

Dr. Huynh’s unique expertise in the field of physics (he has a Bachelor’s Degree in physics, and a Ph.D. in biophysics) allow him to help patients fully understand the technology behind the laser and why it is superior. Because its state-of-the-art features allow Dr. Huynh to adapt the LASIK procedure to patients’ vision specifications, we are able to treat a wider range of vision errors than previously possible. With previous laser models, in order to be a good LASIK candidate, patients had to fall within certain treatment parameters. While there still are some restrictions with CustomVue LASIK, the VISX STAR 4 now allows more patients to have this life-changing procedure.

Iris Registration

Iris registration is a CustomVue LASIK enhancement that offers patients an even better way to have vision correction. With iris registration technology, Dr. Huynh can align the laser with your cornea with added precision and extremely minimal room for error. When you get in place for your LASIK procedure, the eye rotates slightly and iris registration corrects for how much the eye rotated. Because of the feature, more patients are able to achieve better quality of vision, in addition to better overall vision. With the accuracy of iris registration, CustomVue LASIK patients are at a reduced risk of having compromised night vision, or inferior vision in low light scenarios.


Wavefront technology is the genius behind the CustomVue LASIK procedure. “Wavefront” is the general term for the Wavefront mapping system, a combination of software and equipment that works together to deliver the most personalized LASIK treatment possible. Wavefront can be thought of as the messaging center. A Wavefront map is created using a careful eye analysis process. A Wavefront scan measures the entire optical pathway of the eye and analyzes higher order aberrations that we could not even detect before without this technology. The Wavefront system analyzes your vision more in-depth than any other corneal analysis tools to date, and uses iris registration alignment for added safety. Once the map is created using thousands of tiny measurements, your corneal information is transferred and “read” by the VISX S4 to fine tune and customize the treatment. The Wavefront map is unique to each eye.

Wavefront, VISX STAR 4 Laser, and Iris Registration Offer Hope

Besides the obvious benefits, the advanced technology used at Advanced Eye & Laser Center of California, Inc., allows for higher-order aberrations to be treated. So, patients who have extremely high levels of nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism that cannot be corrected with glasses or contacts may be able to have a clear vision with Wavefront CustomVue LASIK!

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