Presbyopia is an extremely common condition that all men and women will face as they age. Presbyopia refers to the gradual and progressive loss of near vision people experience as their eyes become less functional with age. Specifically, the eye’s natural crystalline lens begins to lose its flexibility. Regardless of your vision healthy throughout your life, you will inevitably become presbyopic after a certain amount of time. The majority of patients experiencing some degree of near vision loss do so at or after age 40, although it can occur before this age.

While you can’t prevent the onset of presbyopia, you can manage it and hold onto great vision. Fortunately, you may not have to live with limited freedoms thanks to modern presbyopia treatments. Dr. Huynh and his San Diego vision correction team can treat presbyopia by replacing the eye’s natural lens with an IOL, or intraocular lens.

Presbyopia Symptoms

Signs of this condition include eye fatigue and limited vision. Most notably, patients lose the ability to see items up close with clarity. Frequently, presbyopic people will find themselves adjusting their reading materials by holding them at arm’s length, squinting, and headaches when reading close-up. Fluctuating vision is also a common sign, as is the need for an increased amount of light in order to see well.

Presbyopia Treatments

While in the past, presbyopia was treated with prescription eyewear (reading glasses) or multifocal or monovision contact lenses, today’s presbyopia patients have better options. With Dr. Huynh’s treatment for presbyopia, you won’t have to worry about finding your “readers” or struggling to read the paper.

Now, you can solve the vision limiting problems that presbyopia causes with a procedure that is identical to cataract surgery. Dr. Huynh can remove the eye’s prebyopic lens and replace it with a state-of-the-art intraocular lens (IOL).

We offer Crystalens, ReSTOR, and ReZoom IOLs to give you a broad range of vision freedom without the limitations of glasses and contacts. In fact, if you choose to have your presbyopia treated with any of these lens replacement options, you will never have to deal with cataracts in your future! Whether you are dealing with vision impairment due to cataracts or presbyopia, these three IOLs are safe and offer a simple, affordable and permanent solution.

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