While traditional LASIK has been very successful at helping patients see clearly without glasses or contacts, Custom LASIK takes it to the next level by increasing the success rates, delivering better results, and minimizing risks. Dr. Huynh offers San Diego patients the opportunity to experience the most advanced vision correction procedure with confidence. Technological advances in the field of LASIK have blesses us with this incredible upgrade to the already popular LASIK procedure. With Custom LASIK, the unique details and nuances of your vision are evaluated and addressed to design a truly personalized LASIK treatment.

The theory behind Custom LASIK makes perfect sense: your eyes are as unique as a fingerprint, so shouldn’t your LASIK procedure be as well?

The Custom LASIK procedure utilizes the amazing Wavefront technology to “read” the intricacies of your vision, and then translate your personal vision characteristics into data that is fed to the VISX Star 4 laser in preparation for your LASIK procedure. An incredibly detailed three-dimensional “map” is created, carefully and precisely documenting the individual topography that is your vision. Dr. Huynh, in collaboration with this Wavefront information, gently reshapes your cornea for ultimate precision and optimal results. Custom LASIK can treat myopia, hyperopia, and certain degrees of astigmatism, and Custom LASIK actually allows some patients who may fall outside the correction range of traditional LASIK to have success with vision correction. Custom LASIK may also be used to improve upon previous LASIK procedures that fell short of your expectations.

Custom LASIK allows you a better chance to have 20/20 vision than conventional LASIK!

The revolutionary technology used in Custom LASIK is simply unparalleled in the vision correction industry and in San Diego, California. Read more about our technology.

Learn about Bladeless IntraLase LASIK at Advanced Eye & Laser Center of California, Inc.

Contrary to popular belief, Custom LASIK is affordable! Visit our Financing page to learn more about the benefits of investing in LASIK vision correction.

Dr. Huynh also offers advanced diagnosis and treatment for macular degeneration, presbyopia, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and cataracts.

What is The Custom Difference?

Read about the amazing Bladeless IntraLase LASIK.

Don’t waste another day with imperfect vision and the limitations that come with it. Take this opportunity to get the best vision results possible with Custom LASIK from Advanced Eye & Laser Center of California, Inc. Call or email our friendly and skilled eye care team for your free LASIK consultation today.