Macular degeneration (also called age-related macular degeneration or AMD) is a vision-stealing disease that affects older men and women by destroying central vision. This condition involves the macula, or the eye’s ``fine detail`` function and typically occurs in people over age 50. As cells in the macula die due to the disease, your ability to see objects with clarity fades. Macular degeneration can cause your clarity to minimize so slowly that many victims never even notice the regression until their vision is beyond repair.

Dr. Huynh and his vision correction team diagnose and treat macular degeneration to help patients avoid the vision impairing consequences that can occur.

There are two types of macular degeneration: wet macular degeneration and dry macular degeneration.


Wet macular degeneration is a severe form of macular degeneration in which new blood vessels are formed under the retina. These new blood vessels can leak blood and other fluids, causing injury to cells, scarring, and vision impairment. Patients with wet AMD may experience random blind spots due to the cell injury. Wet AMD can eventually lead to permanent and total vision loss. Drug therapy, photodynamic therapy, surgery, and laser treatment may help patients minimize the number of excess blood vessels on the retina.


Dry macular degeneration is a less severe form of macular degeneration and involves the thinning of macular tissues and/or the depositing of pigment in the eye’s macula. Eventually, patients can begin to lose their central vision, although this form of AMD is considered much less severe and manageable than wet AMD. While there is no cure for dry AMD, the symptoms may be managed with nutrient supplements.

Both forms of AMD may either present gradually with a slow onset of symptoms, or quickly with fast vision loss, or patients may experience no symptoms at all. The only way to protect your vision from impairment due to this retinal disease is to visit an experienced ophthalmologist for regular screenings.

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