Custom LASIK is our most popular procedure at Advanced Eye & Laser Center of California, Inc., but we also offer PRK, the incredible vision correction procedure that pioneered the vision correction movement and set the stage for clear vision without glasses and contacts. Some patients may prefer the PRK procedure to LASIK, or Dr. Huynh may recommend PRK over LASIK in certain circumstances. By offering PRK and LASIK, Dr. Huynh is able to treat a wide range of vision problems and accommodate most patients to meet their vision correction needs.

PRK, or Photorefractive Keratectomy, is similar to LASIK with a few key differences. Like LASIK, PRK uses a state-of-the-art laser to reshape the dysfunctional cornea. However, in PRK, only the corneal surface is reshaped, whereas in LASIK the internal cornea is reshaped. While in the LASIK procedure, a corneal flap is created, during PRK, the surface of the cornea is treated directly.

PRK cannot treat as wide a range as our Custom LASIK procedure — PRK is usually recommended for patients with low to moderate levels of myopia or hyperopia with or without astigmatism. Patients with higher levels of correction may be better suited for the Custom LASIK procedure. PRK is also often effective for patients with specific corneal abnormalities like corneal dystrophies, corneal scarring, or corneal erosion.

With PRK, patients should expect an interim period of healing before full vision results are enjoyed.

How does PRK work?

  • The outer layer of the cornea (epithelium) is removed using our advanced bladeless laser method.
  • A cool laser light is applied to the outer layer of the cornea to reshape as required.
  • A soft contact lens is placed over the eye to encourage healing and regrowth of the epithelium.
  • Within 3 – 5 days, depending on the individual factors, the epithelium should be fully regrown.
  • Patients may experience discomfort during the healing period, and vision may take several days to become clear.

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Dr. Huynh offers Custom LASIK, LASEK, cataract surgery, presbyopia treatment, and many other vision enhancement procedures to help you get a clearer view of the world.

Learn more about the benefits of PRK and the miracle of clear vision. Our skilled staff members are excited to share the latest vision correction possibilities with you! Call or email the experienced San Diego vision correction team at Advanced Eye & Laser Center of California, Inc. for a free PRK consultation.